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Formerly known as the Freight Pipeline Company and its
subsidiary the Greenest Brick Company, EcologicTech is
dedicated to finding green tech solutions to low tech problems.
We are currently focused on maximizing the potential of our
award-winning Fly Ash Brick, as well as applying our expertise to
new products in the biomass fuel and building materials markets.



Assorted fly ash bricks of different colors made at ET. (The
bricks have natural color of low-carbon fly ash; the dark
ones have natural color of high-carbon fly ash; the red ones are made
with 1 to 2% of commercially available red colored pigments.

In the Press...

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12.01.2007 - C2P2 Award: Case Study 17 - Follow the "Green" Brick Road? (view article).

09.14.2007 - Tibbetts Awards Winner 2007 (view article).

05.16.2007 - Popular Science Magazine's INVENTION AWARDS - A Green Brick (view article).

01.01.2007 - Kicking Ash - Time Magazine's Best Inventions Of 2007 (view article).

Our Licensee...

CalStar Products - Our First Licensee (view website).

The Green Brick Company - Our UK Licensee (view website ).